Superb tech helper for your analytics


Hi there! We are talanted, friendly worldwide team of data-science Engineers and Developers based in Los Angeles, Moscow & Krasnodar.

Our team have come a long way from what has been and what we have now. Behind us more than seventy amazing applications, websites and worked highload systems.

Features & Benefits


We are experts in analytics of received data from different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.


The behavior of your audience in social networks is no longer a secret. We know who they are, what they do, where they are.


PIM, analytics results after 30-40 seconds. And we can even faster! First try for free.


Analysis of transactions, data about your customers and their capabilities. We will help you to create tools to optimize your sales.


Our tools for analytics AB testing perfect. We realize all your desires in the direction of analyzing the behavior of people in your stores.


Ton of logs from rsyslog, syslog-ng or different log data? We can organize your data and prepare it before analytics.


phone: +79258833059